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The years have been filled with scientific discoveries of immense value to mankind and with notable practical development of these discoveries. The story of the growth of the telephone art has been written, chapter by chapter, in a constant effort to improve the transmission of speech in the nations service.

Concretely illustrating this story are the apparatus, instruments and equipment items, all triumphs of scientific imagination in their day, all for a while the latest and best of their kind, but then surpassed.


Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Graham Bell
in 1876
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Thomas A. Watson
Thomas A. Watson
in 1874

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1876 Liquid Transmitter
1879 Top Box, Viaduct Hardware
1880 Gower Bell Telephone
1885 (est.) Wood Cradle Desk Telephone
1892 Western Electric Folding Cabinet Desk Set
1899 Strowger 10 Digit Automatic Wall Telephone
1900 Couch and Seeley Upright Desk Set
1900 Stromberg Carlson Tapered Shaft Desk Set
1902 Kellogg Corner Vanity
1902 Stromberg Carlson Common Battery Wall Set
1905 Chicago Upright Desk Set
1905 Connecticut Lobby Interphone
1905 Strowger 11 Digit Desk Telephone
1910 S.H. Couch & Co. Inter-Phone
1914 Magnavox Anti-Noise Desk Set
1914 Magnavox Anti-Noise Desk Set, Type B1
1915 De Veau Desk Set
1915 (est.) Home Made Wall Telephone


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